Jim Susinno



I'm a software engineer enamoured with 3D graphics. I've been working with OpenGL both professionally and as a hobby for over 20 years, making things that look cool and run fast. Occasionally, I'm able to apply my skills toward specific specialist tasks like underground imaging, movie post-production or surgical planning.

When not programming for work, I'm often programming for fun. I like making small games, visualizations, and other fun, pretty things. Keeping hobby projects small is the key to keeping them enjoyable for me, so I've invested some time into figuring out how to express hobby code in a way that's compact and concise, yet still readable.

And when not programming at all, I enjoy making music and spending time with people I love. You can find me at some local meetup groups in the Boston area, either organizing, presenting or attending.

Links: Khronos Boston, Boston VR, @party